D'Arcy Trinkwon

At Selby Abbey

Outstanding virtuoso organist D'Arcy Trinkwon performs in leading international festivals & concerts worldwide.

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D'Arcy Trinkwon playing Étude Symphonique by Enrico Bossi.


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John Scott


At Selby Abbey

Organ Emeritus of York Minster John Scott Whiteley has won

 acclaim for his TV performances

of the Complete Organ

Music of JS Bach,

"A triumph both nationally

and musically."


His performance at Selby Abbey of pieces by leading composers is now available on DVD.

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Free Celebrity

Organ Recitals

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The Great Organ of

Selby Abbey

The organ of Selby Abbey is one of the finest romantic instruments in Britain. Built in 1909 by William Hill & Son, it is considered a magnificent example of one of the most highly-respected organ builders and a valuable survivor of this period of the firm’s work. The superb solid oak organ case was designed by John Oldred Scott, son of the celebrated George Gilbert Scott.

For more than a century, the organ served generations of Abbey congregations supporting concerts and special occasions. It was played by many celebrated concert organists, but it was the three iconic recordings in the early 1960s by the Italian virtuoso, Fernando Germani, arguably the greatest organist of all time, whose famous interpretations of Frank, Reger, Bach and Widor spread the stunning sound of the Selby Hill around the world.

"Fernando Germani at Selby Abbey"

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By 2012, the organ had become regularly unreliable and was nearing the end of its useful life. It had been patched and repaired a number of times but the moment had finally come for a complete restoration to save it for future generations to enjoy.  With the generous backing of the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation, a major appeal was launched to raise the £520,000 required.

Thanks to the support of organ enthusiasts from around the world and the generosity of local donors and benefactors, we have reached our target and the complex organ restoration has now been completed. Once again, the Selby Abbey Hill has been returned to the time that it was at its best and most renowned – the 1960s when Maestro Fernando Germani’s LP recordings brought it to international prominence.

Our organ was re-consecrated by the appeal’s patron, the Archbishop of York on the 21st of July and a Grand Celebration Concert was held on 9th September 2016 to mark the culmination of the appeal.

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How you can help?

The burden of maintaining our organ in prime condition falls on the congregation, our supporters and the generosity of visitors to the abbey. if you can help to fund this essential work, please consider doing so by covenanted gift if possible.